At Blue Wolf, we specialise in team building activities for groups of 30 to 300 people, and especially activities that focus on creativity and problem solving. We realise this doesn’t cover every need, so here is a list of ideas and suppliers who may be able to fill the gaps. Please do contact us though, if you want to talk about our own team building activities. We would love to help you if we can!

Bilbao is a vibrant city located in the Basque Country of northern Spain, known for its stunning architecture, rich cultural heritage, and exceptional cuisine. The city is located on the banks of the Nervion River, surrounded by lush green mountains, and is home to a plethora of museums, galleries, and parks.

One of the most iconic landmarks of Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum, a modern and contemporary art museum designed by Frank Gehry. The building’s unique design and impressive collection of art make it a must-visit attraction for art enthusiasts.

Another notable attraction in Bilbao is the Casco Viejo, the historic old town filled with charming streets and picturesque architecture. Visitors can explore the narrow streets and colorful buildings, indulge in delicious pintxos (a type of Basque tapas), and browse the local shops and markets.

For those who love nature, the city is surrounded by beautiful green spaces such as the Artxanda Hill and the Dona Casilda Iturrizar Park. The Zubizuri Bridge, an iconic white pedestrian bridge that spans the Nervion River, offers stunning views of the city’s skyline.

Bilbao is also famous for its food scene, with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and traditional Basque eateries serving up delicious cuisine such as txakoli (sparkling wine) and fresh seafood.

Here are 10 ideas for team building events in Bilbao, Spain:

  • Pintxo Tasting Tour – Take a guided tour of Bilbao’s Old Town and enjoy sampling a variety of delicious pintxos (small tapas-style dishes) at different bars and restaurants. This is a great way to bond with your team over food and drink.
  • Kayaking on the Nervion River – Enjoy a guided kayaking trip on the Nervion River and take in the stunning scenery of the city from the water. This is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy some team bonding.
  • Basque Cooking Class – Take a cooking class with a local chef and learn how to prepare traditional Basque dishes like tortilla de patatas or bacalao al pil pil. This is a fun and interactive way to bond with your team over food.
  • Escape Room Challenge – Put your team’s problem-solving skills to the test with an escape room challenge. Work together to solve puzzles and escape the room before time runs out.
  • Bilbao Urban Art Tour – Take a guided walking tour of Bilbao’s urban art scene and discover some of the city’s most impressive street art. This is a great way to explore the city and bond with your team over a shared experience.
  • Bilbao Bike Tour – Explore the city on two wheels with a guided bike tour of Bilbao. This is a great way to get some exercise and see the city’s main attractions while bonding with your team.
  • Basque Pelota Experience – Learn about the traditional Basque sport of Pelota and try your hand at playing the game. This is a fun and unique way to bond with your team over a shared experience.
  • Wine Tasting in Rioja Alavesa – Take a day trip to the Rioja Alavesa wine region and enjoy a wine tasting tour. This is a great way to sample some of the best wines in the region and bond with your team over a shared love of wine.
  • Bilbao Guggenheim Museum Tour – Explore the iconic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with a guided tour. Learn about the museum’s architecture and exhibits while bonding with your team over a shared cultural experience.
  • La Ribera Market Challenge – Divide your team into small groups and challenge them to create a meal using ingredients purchased from La Ribera Market. This is a fun and interactive way to bond with your team over food and cooking.