Urban Quest: Engage in a High-Tech Adventure Whilst Discovering The Best Of The City

Gear up for an extraordinary and immersive experience that seamlessly blends city exploration, team bonding, and strategic thinking into a thrilling game. Unleash your competitive spirit as you embark on a quest to solve puzzles, conquer challenges, and accumulate points in an interactive adventure. Our game is fully customizable and harnesses the power of GPS technology, utilizing iPads provided by our dedicated team.


Our dynamic game is available in various cities across Spain, France, and Portugal. Furthermore, we have the capability to craft a customized version for any European city of your choosing. Each game is thoughtfully designed to suit the specific location, incorporating clues and questions that are intricately woven into the surroundings. Typically, the game encompasses popular tourist areas, offering teams the opportunity to uncover fascinating landmarks while fostering teamwork and camaraderie. However, should you desire, we can adapt the game to a different locale, even transforming it into an innovative and enjoyable navigational experience from one destination to another.

What Awaits You:

Prior to the activity, our team will provide a comprehensive briefing on the game’s operation, ensuring that every participant is well-prepared. Additionally, a live demonstration will be conducted just outside your office or home, allowing you to witness firsthand the seamless setup process. Installing the game app on any smartphone or smart device and inputting the provided passwords will launch the adventure. It’s as effortless as that!

Together, we will determine the desired starting and ending points of the game, as well as its duration. If preferred, we can arrange a designated meeting point, allowing for a convenient gathering at a nearby restaurant for lunch or any other planned activity.

For optimal engagement, we recommend team sizes ranging from 5 to 8 people, as smaller teams foster greater involvement from each participant. With our user-friendly technology, coupled with GPS functionality and our game map, teams will navigate through the city with ease, ensuring they never lose their way.

Throughout the game, teams will encounter captivating landmarks and hotspots, answering intriguing questions and trivia along their path. At various locations, exciting photo and video tasks await, injecting an extra dose of creativity and amusement into the adventure.

Our team will provide the iPads and initiate the game, breathing life into the experience. Once the game concludes, we will collect the iPads and unveil the victors. If desired, real-time monitoring allows you to track teams’ progress, answers, and locations. A score sheet will be provided, proudly displaying the winners, runners-up, and their respective points, along with a collection of captivating photos and videos captured throughout the thrilling journey.

In Conclusion:

Prepare for an unforgettable urban quest that seamlessly melds cutting-edge technology with an immersive gaming experience, delivering a dynamic and interactive exploration of the city. This extraordinary activity is ideal for team building and acquainting yourself with a new locale.

The minimum group size for this captivating adventure is 20 people, with a typical playing time ranging from approximately 2 to 3 hours, customizable to meet your specific preferences. The start and end points of the game will be meticulously tailored to your desires.

Equip yourself for an extraordinary urban expedition, where your team’s knowledge, strategy, and collaboration will be put to the test. Embark on a race against time, conquering challenges and unraveling the city’s hidden secrets. Brace yourself to transcend the confines of the city as you embark on a thrilling high-tech adventure that will redefine team dynamics and create lifelong memories.

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