A truly awesome activity and one of our most popular

A truly awesome activity and one of our most popular

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Impressive results!

Many of our clients end up wanting to take the mosaic artwork they create back to their offices to hang it on the wall – people are blown away by how good they turn out

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Everyone gets involved!

This is one of the best activities for really getting everyone involved. There are different jobs to do, from smashing the tiles to using more artistic talents to mark out the boards. Great for teamwork!

A truly awesome activity and one of our most popular

Unleash your creativity with our Giant Mosaic Making adventure! Our team provides guidance and all necessary supplies, including protective gear. No experience needed! Learn cutting techniques, design creation, and more from our experts.

Go Big!

This activity can easily be prepared for very large groups. Each team is usually made up of around 8-10 people, and prepares one piece of the overall “puzzle” (the final artwork), but the final piece can be as large as we want it to be. We regularly work with groups of 150 to 300 in this way, making artwork of up to 4 meters width and 2 meters tall. But there really is no limit – imagine a huge wall that acts as the backdrop to your conference, hand made by the participants! We can easily work with 2,000 people in this way!


There are 2 options with this activity in terms of the final artwork that we create:

  1. We create a piece that is agreed with you in advance – we can prepare a custom image to suit your needs, even including your company logo if you want us to. On the day we provide the image as a full size template, cut into pieces that fit each piece of the “puzzle”
  2. We don’t prepare any image in advance, but instead each team lets loose with their own creativity and imagination, to create their own design, which they can then show to the other. We can have prizes for artistic flair but also for creative thinking. We set a theme to suit the event, or we can leave it completely open, to allow maximum freedom and creativity.


Any location is possible for this activity – just let us know where you want us, and we’ll bring the activity to you. We can work indoors or outdoors with this activity, and regularly do it in hotel meeting rooms or gardens. This activity is available across Europe – in Spain, France and Portugal the minimum group size required is normally 50 people. In other locations it depends – please contact us for details.

Attention to detail

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have learned some lessons along the way! We don’t use glue or cement in this activity, so that we can avoid problems for the venue. We use specially prepare wooden boards that have a self-adhesive surface, and a protective film. The risk of cuts etc is low, due to the tiles we work with, but still we do provide protective eyewear and gloves for participants, as well as a first aid kit just incase. We also provide floor coverings for the areas where tiles are smashed.

Ecological consideration

As with all of our activities, we reuse and recycle as much of the materials as possible. In this activity, that is around 70% of the materials, making it a very ecologically considerate activity.


Immerse yourself in a 2 to 2.5-hour mosaic-making experience tailored to your group’s needs. Contact us for more details

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Everyone gets involved

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90 minutes to 3 hours