It’s more fun in the sun!

Ahoy there, mateys! Arrr you ready for some fun in the sun on the sandy shores? Look no further than these booty-ful beach group activities!

First up, we’ve got beach volleyball – perfect for showing off your swashbuckling skills and spiking that ball like a cannonball. And don’t worry about the sand in your boots, that just adds to the pirate-y ambiance.

If soccer’s more your style, then join us for beach soccer – it’s like regular soccer, but with added grit and determination as you trudge through the sand.

Or, if you’re feeling like building an empire, take on the sandcastle competition. Build the most impressive fortress, complete with moats and drawbridges, and stake your claim as the King or Queen of the beach.

Feeling like a sea-faring adventurer? Set sail with beach frisbee and try to navigate through the waves of your fellow players to make that perfect catch.

And if you need to take a breather from all the action, there’s always beach yoga – it’s like regular yoga, but with the added challenge of keeping your balance on the uneven terrain.

But when the sun starts to set and the ocean waves start to whisper, gather round the bonfire and enjoy some swashbuckling tales and roasted marshmallows. Maybe even sing a shanty or two if you’re feeling particularly merry.

And let’s not forget about the beach scavenger hunt – discover hidden treasures and mysterious artifacts as you scour the sands for clues. Just watch out for any buried treasure guarded by rambunctious crabs.

And last but not least, lend a hand to keep our beloved beach clean by participating in the beach clean-up. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you get the satisfaction of a clean and beautiful beach.

So gather ye crew and join us for a day of adventure on the high sands!

Beaches are fun

We offer our own beach games in certain locations, but it may not always be possible, especially in popular tourist areas – in which case our Olympic Games can come to the rescue. We can do those just about anywhere!