Build it! A creative and fun activity which draws on the different skills within each team

Work together to sculpt your own creation from the fun and funky materials provided

The activity can either be focussed towards a specific concept (for example, to build something which reflects the company mission statement) or it can be left completely open – allowing the creativity of each team to flourish without limitations

  • Great for teambuilding

  • Inspires Creativity

  • Requires multiple skillsets

Experience Creative Construction: Unleash your team’s imagination! Embark on a one-of-a-kind team-building journey combining creativity and hands-on construction.

What to Expect:

Upon arrival, discover all necessary equipment and materials, including PVC tubing, wooden batons, cardboard, colourful sheets, and much more. Our construction supervisors will guide you in the process, and you can choose a themed challenge tailored to your company’s mission or meeting theme if you wish.

We suggest dividing the group into teams of 6-10. They begin diving into planning and problem-solving while constructing imaginative designs. We set a time limit, and teams must manage resources efficiently to create the best work they can, in the time available. At the end you may choose to have the teams present their creations with flair to the group, and we can select winners of have a voting system if desired.

Optional Extra:

Add an element of continuity to the event, by getting all of the teams to join there creations together with a marble run, making it an activity that finally unites all of the teams and their outputs together! A good theme for an event like this might be “cities of the future”, where each team makes something they can imagine in a futuristic world. But that is entirely up to you!


Any location is possible for this activity – just let us know where you want us, and we’ll bring the activity to you. We can work indoors or outdoors with this activity, and regularly do it in hotel meeting rooms or gardens. This activity is available across Europe – in Spain, France and Portugal the minimum group size required is normally 50 people. In other locations it depends – please contact us for details.

Attention to detail

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have learned some lessons along the way! We don’t use glue or paint in this activity, so that we can avoid problems for the venue. We use coloured vinyl sheets with a self-adhesive surface, and a protective film, so we can still add plenty of colour to the pieces. The risk of cuts etc is low, but still we do provide protective eyewear and gloves for participants, as well as a first aid kit just incase.

Ecological consideration

As with all of our activities, we reuse and recycle as much of the materials as possible. In this activity, that is around 70% of the materials, making it a very ecologically considerate activity.

In Conclusion

Unleash your group’s creativity and teamwork in this 2-3 hour activity, perfect for groups of 50 or more. Contact us to ignite your team’s creativity today!