The perfect way to discover a city
whilst competing as a team

The safest, healthier and friendly watersports lifestyle

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Can be played anywhere

The technology we use allows us to set up the challenge wherever and whenever suits you. We already have lots of games focussed on cities across Europe, but you could even play this in a park or gardens near your offices!

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Challenging and fun

The game brings in lots of different challenges as well as location relevant questions – usually based on famous landmarks in the city we are playing in. There are even “bombs” and “superpowers” that allow the teams to be more tactical in the game!

The safest, healthier and friendly watersports lifestyle

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with our GPS/iPad Challenge—a high-tech treasure hunt that combines excitement, exploration, and friendly competition.

Choose Your Adventure Spot:

Pick any city or town as your playground, where our expert treasure hunt teams will guide you through a customized experience tailored to the essence of your chosen destination. Any location is possible for this activity – just let us know where you want us, and we’ll bring the activity to you. This activity is available across Europe – in Spain, France and Portugal the minimum group size required is normally 30 people. In other locations it depends – please contact us for details, as we may be able to be flexible.

Embark on a Tech Adventure:

Join us at a meeting point where our enthusiastic supervisors will organize teams suited to your group size. With iPads loaded with our treasure hunt app, teams receive a briefing to navigate the intuitive features, backed by GPS for seamless exploration.

Uncover Secrets and Conquer Challenges:

As you explore the city, tackle trivia, riddles, and fun challenges, while capturing moments with photo and video tasks. Our command center tracks your progress, ensuring a fair and thrilling competition.

Guided by Adventure Masters:

Our supervisors keep the excitement high, fueling competition and ensuring a smooth experience. Victorious teams are rewarded with locally crafted chocolates.

Enter the World of Adventure:

Immerse yourself in the game, exploring hidden layers of the city and uncovering treasures unique to our GPS/iPad Challenge. Contact us for details—groups of 30 or more can embark on this extraordinary journey. All-inclusive packages ensure a memorable experience for your group.

Ecological consideration

The great thing about this activity is that there is practically no waste at all – the game is delivered using iPads, not paper, and no extra materials are required for the challenges in the game. Teams are on foot, so you don’t even use petrol. A great activity for the participants and for the planet!

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