Graffiti Art Activity – let rip with spray paint on our purpose built wall

We use low-odour, water-based spray paints of the highest quality, which can even be used indoors (good ventilation required)

The activity can either be focussed towards a specific concept (for example, to paint something which reflects the company mission statement) or it can be left completely open – allowing the creativity of each team to flourish without limitations

  • Great for teambuilding

  • Inspires Creativity

  • Requires multiple skillsets


This team-building activity invites participants to collaborate on designing and painting graffiti art on cardboard walls which we provide. It’s a hands-on, creative endeavor that encourages teamwork, communication, and artistic expression.

Design Phase:

Each team brainstorms and decides on a theme or concept for their graffiti art. This could be company values, team motto, or any creative idea. We provide art paper and coloured marker pens for this. Teams sketch their design on paper first to visualize their concept and plan the layout on the wall.

Painting Phase:

  • We equip each team with spray paints and provide protective clothing (optional)
  • As teams start painting, we encourage them to collaborate and communicate effectively to bring their design to life. Teams can use stencils for intricate designs or freehand for more artistic freedom.
  • We encourage everyone a chance to contribute and interact with different team members.

Finishing Touches:

Once all teams have had the opportunity to work on their wall, each team presents their wall, explaining their design concept and the meaning behind it.

After the activity it is possible to display the finished cardboard walls around the venue for everyone to admire.

Key Benefits:

  • Team Bonding: The collaborative nature of the activity strengthens team relationships and fosters camaraderie.
  • Creativity Boost: Participants unleash their creativity, exploring new artistic expressions and design ideas.
  • Communication Skills: The activity enhances verbal and non-verbal communication as teams work together to realize their vision.
  • Problem-Solving: Teams adapt and find solutions collaboratively, overcoming challenges to create a cohesive art piece.

In this engaging activity, participants not only create vibrant graffiti art but also develop essential teamwork skills, making it a memorable and enriching team-building experience.