Unleash Your Team’s Adventurous Spirit: The Enchanting Photo Quest

Experience Photo Quest: a unique team-building adventure combining exploration, puzzle-solving, and artistic expression. Our guides lead you in this captivating photographic treasure hunt in your chosen location. Reproduce great photos, capture stunning landmarks and race against time to win the game!

Get ready for a thrilling team-building adventure with Photo Quest! Explore, solve puzzles, and unleash your creativity through photography.

Choose Your Adventure Spot:

Any location is possible for this activity – just let us know where you want us, and we’ll bring the activity to you. This activity is available across Europe – in Spain, France and Portugal the minimum group size required is normally 30 people. In other locations it depends – please contact us for details, as we may be able to be flexible.

What to Expect?

Embark on a treasure hunt briefing at a designated meeting point. Armed with iPads – to deliver the game and capture the images – teams race to decipher clues and capture stunning landmarks.

Two Goals:

1. Engage in a treasure hunt, revealing the city’s secrets while learning about its history and culture.
2. Get creative with photography, guided by our professionally produced images. Each team member can contribute their unique perspective.

Uncover Secrets and Conquer Challenges:

As you explore the city, tackle trivia, riddles, and fun challenges, while capturing moments with photo and video tasks. Our command center tracks your progress, ensuring a fair and thrilling competition.

Enter the World of Adventure:

Immerse yourself in the game, exploring hidden layers of the city and uncovering treasures unique to our GPS/iPad Challenge. Contact us for details—groups of 30 or more can embark on this extraordinary journey.

Ecological consideration

The great thing about this activity is that there is practically no waste at all – the game is delivered using iPads, not paper, and no extra materials are required for the challenges in the game. Teams are on foot, so you don’t even use petrol. A great activity for the participants and for the planet!

Guided by our friendly and experienced monitors:

Our supervisors keep the excitement high, fueling competition and ensuring a smooth experience. Victorious teams are rewarded with locally crafted chocolates.

In Conclusion:

Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery, collaboration, and creativity. Contact us for details and pricing. Our package includes equipment, guides, and top-notch service for a memorable experience.

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