Build and Race a Soapbox racer

A truly fun and hilarious activity, with 2 distinct parts – the building process, which is both mechanical and creative – and the race, which tend to be hilarious and can be rather competitive (in a fun way).

Focus On Your Goals

Creativity, fun and team bonding

Maintain Momentum

A strong competitive element

Soapbox Racers is a thrilling team-building adventure where camaraderie meets creativity! Design, craft, and race gravity-powered go-karts with your team.

What To Expect: Gear up with provided equipment including wheels, planks, poles, PVC tubes, and materials like cardboard and fabric. Our supervisors offer guidance as you create.

The Race: Navigate the track with skill and precision, aiming for the fastest time while avoiding penalties

Locations: We come to you. This activity is available across Europe. In Spain, France and Portugal the minimum group size required is normally 50 people. In other locations it depends – please contact us for details, as we may be able to be flexible in this. We can also suggest venues, if you do not have a space available at your hotel or offices.

Food Options: We can offer a variety of refreshments and snacks to accompany the activity, tailored to your group’s preferences.

In Conclusion: Experience an epic race with spectacular vehicles! Groups of 30 or more can participate, with suggested team sizes of 8-10 people.

Duration: The activity lasts approximately 3 hours.

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